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Tuesday Night Archers League

Tuesday Night Archers League

Date: 02/15/2022 - 04/19/2022

05:30 pm -

Lincoln City Archery

Lincoln City Archery will hold Archers League Nights starting Feb. 15, 2022. Every Tuesday, traditional archers are invited to gather at our indoor range to shoot some arrows, enjoy some camaraderie, face some challenges and play a couple of games.

Lincoln City Archery features four indoor archery lanes for bows with a draw weight of less than 40 pounds. The Archers League will be limited to 20 people maximum and reservations are required. Call Lincoln City Archery at 503-409-8371 to sign up.

The cost is $50 per person or $450 for the first 10 weeks when paid all at once. Archers League members will receive a 40% discount on normal range fees during the week when their dues are current.