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How to Achieve the Internet Famous Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic

How to Achieve the Internet Famous Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic

How to Achieve the Internet Famous Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic

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Trends come and go, but the coastal cowgirl aesthetic seems to be here to stay. So, how do you achieve this chic, effortless look? We are going to give you a few tips so you can easily achieve this effortless, western-inspired aesthetic!


1)A great pair of cowboy boots

One of the first parts of nailing that coastal cowgirl look is a great pair of cowboy boots. Maybe you want to go for the more neutral approach and find a pair of brown or black. Or, you want to go for something more eye-catching and snag a pair that has metallic accents and fringe. Either way, you can absolutely become that coastal cowgirl as long as you have the perfect pair of boots.


2) Straw Cowboy Hat

Nothing screams coastal more than a straw cowboy hat. Your typical felt hat won’t quite achieve the same look, so be on the lookout for a straw cowboy hat. Find one that fits you well and feels comfortable enough to wear all day long so you will love styling it.


3) Plenty of Denim

When you are trying to go for the coastal cowgirl look, nothing will get you closer than great denim. Whether this is denim shorts paired with a cute top, a denim dress, or a fun denim jacket over a pair of shorts and a tank, you will be able to get closer to the coastal cowgirl aesthetic with the addition of denim to your wardrobe.


4) Silk or Satin

There is not much that will help you get closer to that coastal cowgirl aesthetic than a great satin or silk slip dress or top. You can pair this perfectly with your cowboy boots and cowboy hat or pair a satin top with denim shorts and your boots. Either way, you will instantly be transformed into a coastal cowgirl dream.


These four tips will quickly have you on your way to that stunning coastal cowgirl aesthetic you have been hoping for!

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