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How to Wear the Quiet Luxury Trend at a Budget-Friendly Price

How to Wear the Quiet Luxury Trend at a Budget-Friendly Price

How to Wear the Quiet Luxury Trend at a Budget-Friendly Price

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Trends will come and go, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun to take part in! The quiet luxury trend has been seen all over the internet with celebrities putting together chic outfits that do not have brand names all over them. However, these outfits are still higher priced, and our guide is going to discuss how you can achieve these looks at a budget-friendly price.


The quiet luxury trend is about minimalism while embodying all things elevated. There are a few key pieces that will help you nail this style, while not hurting your pocketbook.


1) Keep it Monochrome

One of the biggest parts of this trend is typically keeping your look monochrome. This might mean a pair of tailored pants, a tank or tee in the same color, and a beautiful coat or jacket on top. For warmer temperatures, you can leave the coat out and just wear a monochrome pair of pants and top.


2) Add in Staples

Nothing screams luxury quiet like beautiful staple pieces. A great blazer is a good start for this. This piece is going to be the epitome of quiet luxury and will be something that you can throw on no matter where you are going. Whether you want to put it on over denim or with a matching pair of trousers, it will immediately elevate whatever you are wearing.


3) Shop Secondhand

Don’t be afraid to find pieces at secondhand stores. There is nothing that says you have to spend a fortune at high-end designer stores in order to achieve the quiet luxury look. Many times, you might be able to find beautiful pieces in store or online that are lightly worn. This will give you the opportunity to purchase more pieces at a lower piece.


With these easy tips, you will be able to achieve this trend and feel confident no matter where you are going! Get ready to turn heads at a budget-friendly price!

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